Kelli Pearson - Creative
Josephine Voong - Artist
David Ball - Artist
Ryan Price - Artist
Andrew Cho - Artist



Andrew Cho - Illustrator Extraordinare

Andrew is a life long self taught artist. Graduated with a BS in computer science in ’95 he got a chance to work at Pixar in the last months of the production of "Toy Stoy" as a Render Wrangler. Being influenced by the animators, Andrew realized his childhood dreams of making animation and started learning. Over the years he has learn from many master animators and also picking up traditional fine art skills which include over six years of figure drawing.

Working as a freelance artist, his works includes 3D models of boats for “Hydro Thunder” game for the PS1.


Currently, he has been teaching over three years of 3D modeling/animation at a state college in the east bay and working for the Delta Cartoons Maps & RGB Direct. On his spare time, he continue learning and practicing concept drawings and illustrations and having fun with his imaginations.

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