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How you look in print represents a lot about your company. Crisp, clean designs tell clients you are professional, updated and ready for action. RGB Direct does not underestimate the power of print. It's an important factor to making you look great at the very first impression.

1. Our Print Process Overview
To start an efficient, well thought out design, we must begin the process with you. As our client, we need to find out what ideas and needs you have for your business materials. After a clear understanding of what you need, we'll sit down with you and consult on what we can do to achieve your need. After the consultation, we begin designing based on the information we attain from you. Sketches, illustrations, content and information architecture are implemented. Once a decision has been made and a final design has been chosen, we continue the production of the design and proof for accuracy. Once a proof has been sent to you and you've ok'd it, we send it to the printer. Fast, easy, efficient design.

2. Innovation
There are many reasons why people need business materials. Now is the time when you ask yourself why you need these items. Is there a specific need for them such as a trade show? What types of business materials do you like? and Why you like them? Then decide what elements you want to include in your own business materials and what materials you already have that pertain to the new materials you need, i.e., brochures, flyers, images, logo, etc.. We will then have an initial consultation to clarify all your goals and needs.

3. Development
After our initial consultation and a proposal has been signed, we get to work. RGB Direct begins by creating an advantageous design that will promote and compliment your professional image. This stage involves creation of sketches, graphic comps, content and the information architecture. These are rough comps, focused to get a close representation of the desired design direction. Dummy text and photos are used at this stage and all comp files are delivered in JPEG or PDF format.

4. Production
Following your approval of the design comp, we begin full-scale development. We may be extremely busy during this stage, but we insist on keeping you in the loop. Through emails, meetings and phone conversations, you will always be in the know about your project. All design and copy has been refined and finalized at this stage. So… starting with the cover, several proofing stages will be necessary. This includes overall content layout, choosing final images/photos, layout of body text and titles, choosing appropriate font styles, sizes and colors. Now for page two, then repeat this process until all pages are completed. Once approved in it’s entirety, the brochure, in digital format, is now ready to covert to “print ready art”. This includes converting all text to outlines, linking all photos (sized at 100% 300dpi finals), trapping, creating crop marks and bleed specs, creating appropriate call outs for color separations, spot varnishes, or dull varnish areas.

5. Proofing
But before your materials head to the printer, we turn to you. If you are satisfied with our work, then and only then will it be sent to the printer. Then you will receive a blue line or a proof or our work to make sure there aren't any mistakes before printing is started.

6. Delivery
Hot of the press! Once you've given two thumbs up from our design proof, it's just a matter of time until you get your products delivered to you. Printing generally takes 7 to 10 business days.

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