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Web Site Development Process:

The ability to reach the goal of every project with measurable results, whether it be through a web site, printed piece, or marketing plan, has always been a strength of RGB Direct. We practice a proven approach to planning and designing for each of our clients that was developed here at RGB Direct.

Below is a simplified outline of the process we undergo for the development of our projects:

Here we get to know the needs of our clients both inside and out that allow us to create products that perform and have a competitive edge. From examining project data and the industry of our clients to understanding the audience and goals of the project, we fine-tune our focus to enable maximum efficiency and to reach a finished product quickly and effectively.

Now with the project properly defined, we begin production. From building of a web site to creation of brochures and marketing, we follow a general process for all. Creating a general image of our clients then the integration into the overall scope of the project is the first key to our success. With a proper corporate image in place, we then create the visuals of the project and then create the delivery of these elements. Here the data gathered from the project definition phase comes into play and is utilized to minimize costs by delivering you to those that matter and guide your project to success.

The launching of the project is the culmination of the creativity and time spent by both our clients and RGB Direct. We track how the market reacts and then assess the success of our work. Any improvements are noted and then applied to the continuing phases of the project.

Maintenance and Analysis
From maintaining a web site to maintaining a corporate identity in changing times, RGB Direct never looses touch with our clients. We produce maintenance plans for those services that require them, and schedule analysis sessions for all to ensure we have done our job well.

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